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Big Schoolbag SMILE

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Beach Bag Superlike

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Duffle Bag Superlike

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Luna Valente, embodied by the Mexican actress Karol Sevilla, has become a reference for many girls on all continents, it is a reference in children's fashion, and in Karactermania we like it so much, that the Soy Luna bag adapts perfectly to the new trends.

In addition, to travel, you can carry the suitcase Soy Luna with total comfort because it is suitable to take it with you on the plane.

On the other hand, the Soy Luna backpack and the case make the perfect setting for the school environment. The perfect products for the series more in the form of the season.

Soy Luna backpack

Soy Luna backpacks have become a very common product in the school world. Luna Valente is a reference for many girls who see in her an example of friendship and values. She loves dancing and skating, which has hooked up with millions of girls around the world, who sing their songs wherever they go.

The Yo Soy Luna backpack has its variant in the Soy Luna backpack with wheels, bigger, with many more compartments, for those girls who want to carry more objects in a better-distributed space. In addition, the wheels allow the backpack to be transported without breaking the handles.

Soy Luna bag

Soy Luna handbags adapt perfectly to the current fashion world. Children's fashion has changed looking for world references such as the protagonist Luna Valente. His face is present in a multitude of fashion items, including logically in different designs of bags made for the occasion.

Soy Luna Suitcase

Made with fabric, the Soy Luna suitcase is a soft format and suitable to take with you on the plane. It is a cabin suitcase with the face of Luna Valente on a violet floral pattern. The most fun way to travel with your favorite singer.

Soy Luna Case

In Karactermania, we have many formats of Soy Luna pencil cases available. It is one of the most demanded accessories when going in conjunction with any of the backpacks. The best school material in the products of one of the series of the moment. Designs made in products with a high quality.

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